For the most beautiful drinks boards you will find a portion here drinks board inspiration that you can use to serve the most beautiful snacks yourself. Read all about it here: Uncategorized and steal the show yourself! The nicest drinks board ideas , the most delicious recipes for the drinks board and the most useful articles can be found here.
Give a drink box as a gift

Time to give a gift

Renewal, (sun)light and giving March is a month of renewal, where the world awakens from its winter slumber and prepares for the warmth of

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Making the Perfect Drink Board

Read all about the perfect drinks board here. Drinks boards have increased enormously in popularity in recent years. They provide a fantastic way to come together

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Davo Beukers beer tasting box
Drinks board inspiration

NEW: DAVO Beer tasting box

Are you a big fan of specialty beers and beer tastings? Then you will be happy with our new collaboration with DAVO! This beer brewery from Deventer is known for

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Amorino drinks box

Choosing the right drinks box

Drink boxes are all the rage these days, and with good reason! They provide a convenient and affordable way to enjoy the food you love,

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Quality time drink box gift tip Valentine's Day
Drinks board ideas

The drinks box: quality time as a gift

Are you looking for a nice gift for your love (for Valentine's Day), your dear parents, best friend or that friend who is unfortunately not around the corner?

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