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Pinot Grigio and Prosecco

Most of Ama la Vita's wines are made in the vineyards surrounding this magical city and are therefore the perfect gift for the one you love. Venice, the city of love, is also where our wine journey began and where we got engaged in May 2022.

The vineyards are located in Lugugnana, a hamlet of Portogruaro, a few kilometers from the old town and half an hour's drive from the city of Venice. It is a vast fertile area between the rivers Livenza and Tagliamento, on the border between Veneto and Friuli, between the countryside and the sea. The location of our vineyards in an area between the sea and the mountains means that they benefit from the mild climate and the sea breeze, and from a favorable condition for the cultivation of vines from which it influences the quality of our wines.

Nero d'Avola

In our search for a full, powerful but at the same time fruity red wine, we ended up on Sicilian soil. Here we have found the perfect match in our Nero d'Avola. An indigenous grape in Sicily that is also called 'the black of Avola' by the Italians.

The sun and wind, characteristic of the Belìce Valley, are the cradle of our Nero D'Avola vines planted 100-300 meters above sea level on the rolling hills of the Trapani hinterland in dark black soil. The black soil is rich in loam, compact and resistant to drought and is particularly suitable for the cultivation of this native Sicilian grape. The wine is aged for two to four months in steel tanks and then in French oak barrels for eight to ten months.

Ama la Vita!

Ama la Vita means “loving life” in Italian.
These wines are perfect to make precious moments unforgettable. They are made with a lot of love and care and you can taste this with every sip. Celebrate life, love, make the most beautiful memories, chase your dreams, be proud and enjoy all the good things that come your way. Perfect to give and to love!

These wines are specially made to create the perfect wine gift: high-quality Italian wines that will appeal to everyone, beautiful bottles with luxurious gift packaging and a beautiful message! You also have the option to send your personal wish on a card for free.

Knowing more? View the website: amalavita.nl or read more under the products!

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